Exit 36. Climb your tree.

There’s no way I’ll have time to write anything new this week, so enjoy this post that I originally wrote in September 2006.

So I went for a bike ride this morning, all the way across town. About seven miles from my house, there is this trail about a mile and a half long that runs alongside a creek. At one point along that trail is a picnic table underneath a big oak tree. I brought along one of those little green New Testaments that the Gideons hand out, so that I could take some time to read Scripture and pray during my bike ride.

While I was doing this, I was looking at the tree, and I thought, I haven’t climbed a tree in years. I’m going to try to climb this tree. It’ll be fun. I tried a few times, but my shoes didn’t grip the trunk very well. So I went back to the bench for a bit.

A few minutes later, I got to thinking about the tree again. I thought about how if I really wanted to sit in the tree, I could always try to climb on my bike first, which would give me more height and a better position to get up in the tree. But I didn’t. Instead, I kept trying to find a way to get up the first part of the trunk without help. I tried a few times and didn’t make it up. But eventually I did. I tried gripping the branches a little bit differently, and I didn’t get up when the going got hard. And once I was up there, I climbed pretty high, and sat there for a while and continued reading and praying.

As much as it seems hard to believe at times, not to mention cliché, I really do believe that, once you have a goal and are focused on reaching it (I recognize, though, that getting to that point is often a battle in and of itself), you can do anything you set your mind to. I’m proud of myself for climbing that tree.

What’s your tree? Go out there and climb it today.

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